I love it when people have a big vision for Australia!

Please take a few minutes to read this article – it’s about Andrew Forrest’s plans to develop a green steel industry in Australia and a green hydrogen energy future. Instead of just shipping iron ore offshore, he will be building a green steel plant in the Pilbara which will produce steel powered by hydrogen – not coal. His vision for hydrogen then goes well beyond steel production. He’s just spent 5 months overseas pushing this vision.

He’s got the resources to push this and if the economics make sense to his customers, it could really be very significant for both reducing global emissions and for Australia’s future. He’s demonstrated in the past that he has the vision, willingness & ability to deliver massive projects. If he leads our country to a hydrogen-powered future, he could be remembered as one of the greatest Australians.

Author : Andrew Forrest, fromĀ ABC Radio National