Engineering Recruitment – Market Commentary – April 2021

Our company has been operating for 42 years and it’s hard to recall a time when there has been so much demand for skilled talent. There are a number of factors coming together concurrently to cause this – the unemployment rate is dropping, business confidence is soaring in many sectors, immigration is at a standstill and many companies deferred hiring last year. There is a talent shortage and we’re beginning to see counter offers. The supply of talent does not match the demand for talent and if you’re a candidate with the right specialist skills, now is a very good time to be looking for a new role.

We hope you enjoy our team’s latest market commentary.   


Engineering & Manufacturing Operations

The recruitment of Engineers and Operations staff has never been busier, with every industry appearing to be thriving. There is also a clear indication that some companies are bringing manufacturing back to Australia, where they previously relied on having products manufactured overseas and imported into their warehouses.

There does however appear to be a distinct lack of qualified people applying for roles that would typically draw plenty of qualified attention, suggesting that candidates are hesitant to consider other options (post COVID). Roles such as Design Engineers and Mechanical Engineers would typically have hundreds of qualified applicants, whereas those numbers today are close to half.

Employment opportunities abound, and growth is obvious in the vast majority of industries. We don’t see any reason why this positive trajectory cannot be maintained.

Building & Mechanical Services

We have all seen how the unemployment rate is falling faster than expected across Australia and the jobs market has shown very strong demand for the right candidates recently. Companies will pay top dollar for the right person, but you must tick all the boxes.

In Victoria we have a role for a Project Manager for Intelligent Traffic/Tolling Systems. This can be either a 3-month contract at up to $115ph + super or my client may take you on directly for a fixed 3-year contract at ~$180k + super FTE. You will be working on a prestigious Victorian infrastructure project. In the east of Victoria, we have multiple roles for Control Systems Engineers and Mechanical Reliability Engineers with salaries well in excess of $100k + super.

Finally, in the very strong NSW market we have a constant need for Site/Project Managers for the HVAC industry. If you are experienced and looking for a change then please do get in contact with us.


Only a year ago we were trying to survive the COVID pandemic.  Recruitment was at an all-time low, with so much unknown. A year later, job opportunities in the technology field are at an all-time high. Australia Wide Engineering Recruitment have had a massive increase in opportunities and we’re actively recruiting many roles for qualified Engineers within Technology. Job vacancies are certainly on the rise.

Although the demand for qualified, experienced Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, Embedded Engineers and even Graduate Engineers are in demand, we are seeing a lack of skills available on the market. Post COVID-19, many employees have become extremely reluctant to change organisations and rather give job security priority. Employers are finding there is definitely a shortage of quality candidates on the market at the moment, especially where specialist skills are concerned. Therefore, they have a strong preference for candidates who have previous experience in the industry, and as a result, counter offers are becoming increasingly popular and used by organisations to try and retain their staff.

As recruiters, we are definitely seeing a surge in candidates accepting counter offers. As an employee, always ask yourself, is it the right thing to do? Is it a good idea remaining with a company who now knows you were looking for other opportunities? Why is your employer only noticing your value now that you have resigned? Will you constantly be thinking “what if”? Would a new job lead to better career opportunities in the future? If you are on the market currently and considering new opportunities, think about what you would do if your current employer presented you with a counter offer. Be sure of your decision to want to move. Be prepared. Always ensure you are making the right call for yourself and your career.


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