Engineering Recruitment – Market Commentary – April 2022

The number of vacant engineering jobs, both advertised and non-advertised is at an incredibly high level. Great engineering opportunities are in abundance and it is an ideal time to dust off your CV, update your profile and dip your toe back into the job market. Employers are exiting their hibernation mode created from the pandemic, have projects to deliver and milestones to achieve and many are urgently looking for strong talent to join them in order to accomplish their current goals. Confidence is returning quickly to industry and a variety of projects are resuming, so many employers are now feeling able to refocus on growth, and are eager to find employees to join them on the journey to expansion and beyond. It is truly a great time for any engineer looking to make a change.


Clients also recognise that the market is red hot currently and many are offering creative positions and packages, not just with appealing salary levels but offering flexibility combined with ever developing strong cultures in their work places in order to improve their attractiveness and their retention rates. Many of our clients are also offering lucrative learning and development training programs within their organisations. So please don’t fall into the trap of just chasing a lucrative salary, rather look for companies that have a sustainable business model, have a balanced workforce and have a culture rich in respect for people and for the environment and is a home where you can develop your career.

Stay engaged and work with us in order to assist you in identifying a great opportunity and we will assist you in every way possible so as to position your application in the most favourable light.

We derive great pleasure in repeatedly fulfilling and completing our proven process – the client very satisfied with their choice of a new employee and the candidate excited to commence in a fresh role. We stay connected with you even after commencing your new role and it is our duty and privilege to ensure that all goes as smoothly as possible and ultimately that you do succeed in order to develop your career pathway whilst enjoying high levels of job satisfaction.

Please reach out to us and it will be our pleasure to help you along the process so as to secure your next exciting assignment. Alternatively, if your friends or colleagues are looking for a new opportunity, please talk to us or refer your network onto us, and we will do our very best to help. There is even an opportunity to earn a reward if your introduction leads to a successful outcome. Ask us for more details.

If you are interested in securing your next opportunity, please review our open jobs on Hope you enjoy our teams latest market commentary, and we very much look forward to hearing from you.

Engineering & Manufacturing Operations

There has never been a better time to secure ‘the dream job’, and this comes as a direct result of the lowest unemployment rates in many decades coupled with a labour market that continues to flourish. The roles on offer are varied and span positions such as Draftspeople, Design Engineers, Project Managers, Maintenance Managers, Purchasing Managers, Operations Managers, etc., and employers range from companies involved in the Electric Vehicle Industry through to Pharmaceutical and Healthcare. We currently have other interesting opportunities for a Chartered Mechanical Engineer in Brisbane, a Structural Infrastructure Drafter also in Brisbane, Civil Engineers to work on Roads and Highways in Melbourne, a Civil Structural Engineer in Sydney, Mechanical Design Engineers in Melbourne, and a Production Manager for an exciting opportunity in Tasmania. 

From a recruitment perspective, the low unemployment numbers equate to fewer applicants per job. In some instances, we are finding that there are ZERO applicants per job. This in turn involves head hunting via existing networks and utilising the back end of Seek and LinkedIn. Thus, employers are turning to Australia Wide Engineering Recruitment for assistance in helping them secure their next employee in greater numbers than what would be seen as the norm.

It does need to be emphasised that far fewer candidates equates to a very fast-moving candidate market. Employers need to act quickly to secure their employee – what was a process that would take a couple of weeks is now a couple of days. Moreover, consideration needs to be given to candidates who might not quite address 100% of the criteria, however, are viewed as candidates who can be trained to fill a void over a period of time.

Building & Mechanical Services

Once again, as we have been reporting for months this is a great time for candidates to change roles in almost any sector of the economy. 

We have many client requirements for control systems engineers, project and program directors, IT programming and support staff, automotive electronics engineers and hydraulics engineers. These roles are mainly across Melbourne and Sydney. 

To our clients, the candidate market is very tight at the moment and in the past, it may have been possible to present several candidates; these days that may not be possible. If a candidate meets or exceeds your bar then see them immediately or a competitor will make an offer. In this respect, it is important to define the requirement very well, know your bar and don’t make the assumption that something better will come along. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! 


The Technology team has become very busy since late last year. We have filled many roles and are seeing many more becoming available including App Developer, C++ Software Developer, Embedded Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Project Manager, DevOps Engineer, Compliance Engineer, Fullstack Developer and Validation Engineers.

The candidate market still remains very quiet and we are seeing far less applicants than previously. This means there are fantastic opportunities for candidates who are looking for their next opportunity. Please apply!