Engineering Recruitment – Market Commentary – January 2022

Unemployment dropped during the last quarter again and is now at 4.2% which is our lowest level since before the start of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. This trend reflects that companies have exited their hibernation modes and are hiring again. We have been inundated with our clients wanting us to fill some really interesting positions. Currently, we have a very high number of open engineering jobs – all very diverse in discipline, seniority, industry segment and geographical location.

If your circumstances have changed recently, please reach out to us and it will be our pleasure to help you update your resume and assist you to position yourself to conduct a great interview so as to secure your next assignment. 

Alternatively, if you or your friends/colleagues are looking for a fresh opportunity, please talk to us or refer your network onto us, and we will do our very best to help.

Hope you enjoy our teams latest market commentary.

Engineering & Manufacturing Operations

With the great majority of Australia ‘open for business’, there are no shortage of Engineering & Operations based roles throughout Melbourne & Sydney at the moment, with roles covering positions such as Structural Draftspersons, Mechanical Design Engineers, Production Engineers, Project Managers, Engineering Managers, Service Technicians and Sales Engineers, etc.

Interestingly, the candidate market is shallow, and where 50 people would have previously applied for a role in the recent past, we are now only receiving a dozen or so applications on average. As such there are fantastic opportunities available with candidate competition for these roles at an all-time low. The criteria as per the job advertisements must still be addressed in order to be considered for these roles.

The working from home model is now the new norm, and more employers are offering WFH flexibility. It comes as no surprise that candidates are embracing the WFH model, and opting to balance both work and lifestyle. It will be interesting to see how this new hybrid model will evolve over the next few years!

Building & Mechanical Services

Check out this table:
The proportion of businesses reporting vacancies, industry
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Feb 2020 – Nov 2020 – Aug 2021

Manufacturing 8.0% – 14.6% – 22.9%
Information media and telecommunications 14.0% – 14.0% – 15.9%
Professional, scientific and technical services 9.4% – 14.2% – 15.4%

As you can see all the trends are upwards and this is what we are finding as well. 

Specific roles we are seeking candidates for are a Senior Chemical Process Engineer based in the ACT, an Electrical Engineer in Wollongong, Security Systems Professionals in all states and Electronics Technicians in Melbourne. Now is a great time to change roles. 

Engineering Technology 

Due to the pandemic, the job market has gone through significant changes over the past two years, which has made filling positions a lot harder. Traditional recruiting has changed, with most workplaces going virtual and face to face interviews no longer a fundamental component of the interview process.

Within Engineering Technology, we are constantly having to ‘educate’ our clients along the way, as the candidate market has remained super-competitive. The speed at which a client proceeds through the interview process, has become the primary factor in determining whether or not they going to be able to secure that particular candidate, should they wish to do so. We are still seeing candidates securing numerous offers, giving them the option of comparing one opportunity against another.

Within Engineering Technology we are currently recruiting Backend Software Developers, Embedded C++ Software Engineers, C++ Software Developers, Firmware Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Senior Software Developers, Java Developers, Validation Engineers, Test Development Engineers, etc.

If you are in the market and wanting to secure a new position, please view all our open roles by going to our job board