Engineering Recruitment – Market Commentary – October 2020

Recruitment activities continue to build momentum as we have seen an increasing level of demand over the past 3 months. We’re filling a wide range of interesting engineering
positions across Australia, some advertised and others often not. Hence, if you are looking for a change or keen to see what roles might suit your area of expertise, please reach out and engage with our dedicated team of professionals. It is always a real pleasure to receive an initial call from a candidate and then a short time later see them commence a new position with excitement and refocus. Likewise, when a client presents a role to us, it is a gift that we cherish and we take pride in diligently fulfilling the assignment in order to deliver the most qualified and best suited candidates. We will do one-off assignments of course, however we prefer to partner with clients and remain aligned with them in order to repeatedly and sustainably build the talent within their teams. Our challenge remains to fill premium positions with high end talent as we continue to value quality over 

In Victoria, the relaxation of restrictions has commenced and we again encourage anyone, anywhere in Australia, looking for a new role to please reach out to us.  If you would like any help with refreshing a CV, or writing a short and punchy cover letter or if you’d like to fill a short-term contract position, please contact any of us and it will be our delight to offer our assistance. We hope you enjoy this quarter’s market commentary.

Engineering & Manufacturing Operations

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, enquiries for operations and engineering roles had come to a complete stop. What has transpired since then has been a steady growth in enquiries for both engineering and operations roles in a number of different industries. Due to the ‘unknown’, companies tended to opt for employing contractors in an effort to understand how their businesses were going to be impacted by Covid-19. The balance now appears to have shifted back to permanent employment and the number of enquiries is certainly on the increase. It does need to be said that things are far from where they were before the bushfires and then Covid-19 hit. It will be a long recovery, however, there do appear to be signs suggesting that the worst is now behind us, providing us with a degree of optimism. 

Building & Mechanical Services

Victoria is cautiously emerging from lockdown. Companies are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and have shown an interest in taking staff on. One building services client has opened up graduate roles in VIC, NSW and QLD. You need to have a double degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering AND Commerce/Finance/Business and a minimum ATAR of 92. They offer a 5-year training program (you can’t beat that in any industry!). Go to our website to apply. Are you interested in providing technical support for commercial inverter solutions? Can you design an off-grid system? Then I have a role in Melbourne for you. Again, go to our website to apply for the Technical Specialist role. If the coronavirus numbers can stay low then it feels that Victoria will open up and some level of normality will return. This will have a positive effect on employment. Is it too early to talk about the tide turning?        


Our Technology team are gaining momentum with increased demand for Embedded Software and Hardware roles. In our embedded space (which is primarily engineering product design), the upsurge in interest has included, but not limited to, Senior Embedded Engineers, Application Developers, Functional Safety Managers and C# Engineers with true engineering innovation. Interviews in Victoria are being conducted online, with the help of our media platforms and have been working exceptionally well. Due to the current market situation, we have also received applications from a number of very talented engineers being made redundant. At Australia Wide, we believe in assisting and connecting candidates with suitable clients, matching the skill-set according to job specifications. Whether you are an employer, needing great embedded software and/or hardware professionals or a candidate seeking an embedded software or hardware position, we are here and ready to help.

Our Engineering Career Journey podcast series continues and we released another 4 episodes during the last quarter:- 

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