How Interview Fit Are You?

Author Mercedes Toale

In today’s competitive job market it goes without saying that preparing for interview is a must. Throughout the course of an interview we need to demonstrate not only why we can “do” the job but also why we “want” the job. We need to demonstrate our motivational fitness. 

In engineering recruitment I see great candidates arrive at our Engineering Recruitment Agency prepared to answer questions on their engineering skills and abilities. They are ready to demonstrate how they can “do” the job. Unfortunately in a large number of instances they have not come prepared for questions centred on why they “want” the job. They are under prepared to seize the opportunity to show that what is on offer and what they are looking for matches. There is a fit.

The fit questions are all about why you applied for “this” particular role. Showing an appropriate level of “fitness” can be the difference between getting a job offer or not. You need to be prepared to show how the specific job activities and responsibilities and how the company culture and values are consistent with the type of working environment that provides you with personal satisfaction.

When two equally capable candidates are competing for a role, the candidate who can demonstrate the highest level of “fitness” wins.