Just answer the question and stop talking yourself out of the job.

Author Mercedes Toale

When asked a direct question at interview, why do so many people refuse to answer it? When they arrive for interview has it really come as a complete surprise that they are required to answer questions? Why do they feel that it is best to wander off in a different direction and avoid giving the interviewer a direct answer? Who told them it would serve their chances of employment better if they decided to waste precious interview moments actually avoiding speaking about their background? Why are they not aware that getting down to specifics as soon as possible, citing real life examples and sharing their successes and yes failures: is in fact their pathway to be heard and will improve their chances of securing the role. 

For example if an Engineering Recruiter is interested in finding out about specific projects you have worked on, please do not waste the opportunity speaking generally about the importance of good project management, they already know it is important. Instead grab the opportunity to  talk about specific projects you have worked on and let the conversation go from their. Trust me there will be plenty of opportunities to self promote throughout the course of that conversation.