LinkedIn Inmails – what to do with them?

Author Guenther Hartig

Technical recruiters use LinkedIn extensively to find suitable talent for our clients in the engineering and manufacturing sector. LinkedIn is a great tool to effectively and quickly locate anyone who would potentially fit a certain search criteria.

The most common way to contact people is via LinkedIn Inmail. Inmail allows recruiters to send the potential candidates a personalized message to which the candidate can then anonymously respond to. This is important! All communication via InMail is anonymous as it doesn’t disclose your personal contact details. 

So what to do with a LinkedIn Inmail when it appears in your inbox?

My suggestion is to respond by either accepting or declining the request. If you accept the contact request, you’ll most likely strike up a conversation with the technical recruiter and you’ll learn more about the opportunity on hand. If you decline, this lets the recruiter know that you are not interested in this particular opportunity. The third option is of course to ignore the request. This may mean that you’ll receive further contact requests for the same opportunity.

To sum it all up, the best response to a LinkedIn Inmail is to either accept or decline the contact request.