Ethics Charter

  1. Resumes will not be forwarded or shown to clients prior to obtaining permission from the candidate and details recorded on our database.
  2. Our Terms of Business will be fully understood and agreed upon by our clients prior to commencing work on an assignment.
  3. The confidentiality of information about the client or candidate will be respected.
  4. Consultants will co-operate with each other in relation to candidates. Candidates are not the property of any one consultant and may be approached by any consultant for suitable roles.
  5. Australia Wide will not deal with tobacco companies.
  6. All candidates will have a response to their employment application within 5 working days.
  7. All candidates referred to clients will have been interviewed. The possible exception will be interstate/overseas candidates. In this circumstance the client will be advised that the candidate was phone /Skype interviewed only and details of this recorded on our database.
  8. The company does not tolerate workplace harassment (including sexual harassment) or bullying. All staff are trained in the company’s guidelines in relation to harassment and bullying.
  9. On-hired workers will not be placed into high-risk roles or environments.
  10. Candidates will not be induced to leave a client company if we have previously received a fee for the placement of that candidate at their current employer.
  11. We will not headhunt from companies to which we are currently providing services.
  12. Regular contact will be maintained with the client and the recommended candidates throughout the recruitment process.
  13. All relevant qualifications, visas, licences, etc will be verified and recorded on our database.
  14. The validity of referees (position and landline telephone number) will be verified. The candidate’s approval must be obtained before contacting referees and approval must be obtained to give the referee’s comments to our client.
  15. Information sought from referees will pertain solely to the candidate’s ability to perform the job. Irrelevant information about a person’s character or hearsay and rumours will not be recorded. All reference information will be reported accurately to the client without embellishment or attempt to unduly influence the client’s decision to hire.
  16. Candidates will be treated with dignity
    • They will be advised the outcome of their application after Australia Wide Engineering Recruitment and client interviews as soon as practicable.
    • Consultants will not keep candidates waiting for an interview beyond their appointment time. Where they arrive early we will make every effort to see them as soon as possible.
    • Candidates will not be asked questions or have their application assessed on any criteria which may contravene equal opportunity/discrimination legislation. Specifically race, sex, disability, age, sexual preference, religion, criminal record, political opinion, trade union activity, medical record, marital status or nationality.
  17. We will never promise more than we can deliver to both the client and the candidate. We can however promise a lot and deliver even more.
  18. All candidates must sign our privacy statement prior to interview.
  19. We will not encourage a candidate to break the terms of any current employment contract.
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