Moon Landing

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and we thought that we would share some of our memories (yes, we have some staff who were alive) and thoughts. 

“I was in Year 6 and we were allowed to go to the hall to watch the broadcast on the only TV we had (black and white of course). It was phenomenal, but the kid next to me said that they probably just filmed it around the corner from NASA.”

“I was 3 years old. Obviously had no idea about the significance, but it is a very fine engineering achievement”  

“I was at school and they dismissed the whole school so we could watch it at home. I went to a girlfriend’s house and watched it because she was the only one I knew with a TV.”

“I got sent home from school and watched it on a friend’s TV. Our family didn’t have one.”  

“Humanity’s greatest achievement, full stop.”

“I’m not sure I’m totally convinced that it actually happened, but I’m probably leaning towards that it did”.