Industrial Automation Recruitment

Australia Wide Engineering Recruitment has an impressive history of successfully placing professionals in the field of industrial automation and robotics, encompassing various roles commonly found within the automation and robotics industry. This sector has been a focal point for our firm since 1979.

Our team of consultants possesses extensive experience in industrial automation and robotics recruitment across the following areas:

  • Automation & Robotics Specialists
  • Robotics Engineers
  • Control Systems Engineers
  • Manufacturing Automation Managers
  • Process Automation Engineers
  • Robotics Technicians
  • Industrial Automation Designers
  • Factory Automation Integrators
  • Automation Project Managers
  • PLC Programmers
  • Robotic System Developers
  • Mechatronics Engineers

Furthermore, we have a wide-reaching network and deep expertise in related fields such as:

  • Mechanical Engineering for Automation
  • Electrical Engineering for Automation
  • Software Engineering (with a focus on automation)
  • Manufacturing and Production Management using Automation
  • Quality Assurance in Automation
  • Supply Chain & Logistics for Automation
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance in Robotics
  • Maintenance of Automated Systems
  • Cutting-edge CNC Machine Tools
  • Advanced Plastics and Polymer Engineering
  • Chemical Process Automation
  • Metals Industry Automation
  • Automation in Food, Beverages & Pharmaceuticals
  • Automation in Petrochemicals

Our commitment to excellence, longstanding experience and comprehensive industry knowledge make us the preferred choice for anyone seeking roles or talent in the automation and robotics sector in Australia.

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